Become A Parent

Requirements/Qualifications to become a foster or adoptive parent:

  • Responsible, healthy Adult
  • Stable Income
  • Reliable Transportation
  • If married, having been so for at least one year
  • If divorced or widowed, having been so for one year
  • Child Abuse and Criminal Clearances
  • Home must pass a Fire/Health Inspections

Parent Training:
Credence Village requires each parent to complete 30 hours of training per year.

The following required training sessions are free and online – Please click the link below:

  1. Need for Normalcy: Training for Foster Parents
  2. Psychotropic Medication Training
  3. Trauma Informed Care Training
  4. Medical Consenter Training
  5. Reporting Abuse Training
  6. Recognizing and Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

The following required  In-Class Training are provided by Credence Village:

  1. Behavior Management/PAPH Training – In-class training
  2. CPR/First Aid
  3. Cultural Competency Training
  4. PRIDE/Pre Service Training – regarding abuse, neglect, biological family, attachment and grief
  5. Normalcy Training

There are 5 main steps to becoming a foster/adoptive parent with Credence Village Inc.:

  1. Contact Credence Village to express your interest and arrange an orientation meeting.
  2. Complete an application and a criminal background check.
  3. Attend pre-service training, including training in CPR and First Aid, Positive Behavior Intervention, Behavior Management, Medication, Communication, Abuse & Neglect, and Separation & Loss.
  4. Obtain inspections to include Health, Fire, gas (if applicable), TB test for every household member, and vaccinations for all family pets.
  5. Complete a home study interview with Credence Village.

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Yes. You can specify age, race and sex of the child you prefer and are entitled to review the child’s history. You do not have to take a child you don’t believe is a right fit for your home.

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Yes. Parents receive a set monthly reimbursement based on the child’s needs. These funds are to assist in child-care related costs such as food, clothing, transportation, and supervision. In addition, each child has medical and dental coverage.

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The following documents are required by the State and must be obtained prior to foster home verification:

      • Driver’s license
      • Social Security card
      • Auto insurance
      • Home insurance
      • Birth Certificates (Foster Parent and All Household Members)
      • Marriage/Divorce Certificate, if applicable
      • High School Diploma or GED Certificate
      • Pet Vaccinations, if applicable

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Children who have experienced various types of abuse, abandonment, or who come from dysfunctional environments often have emotional and/ or behavioral problems.  The symptoms of these problems can vary greatly.

Children may be withdrawn and depressed, have problems eating, hoarding food, clingy, oppositional or defiant, tantrums, verbal and or physical aggression, lying, masturbation, bedwetting, nightmares, learning difficulties, etc.  Some children may also have medical needs such as asthma or being a diabetic.  These children can seem like beautiful, normal children much of the time, and the degree to which some of these symptoms are manifested varies greatly.

Basic Care children do not have the emotional or behavioral problems that Therapeutic children have; although all children have minor to moderate problems at times.

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